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Kognitos Product Overview

No developer expertise required: As easy as a conversation

The World’s First Automation Solution in Plain Human Language

Kognitos is Generative AI for Automation.

"Hey Kognitos, help me automate my claim processing"

Kognitos enables business and center of excellence users to build and fully manage automations in real-time using human language, while self-learning and adapting to existing business processes using conversational exception handling capability.

No managing of bots, no process modeling required.

"Pull the information from the invoice and update records in Salesforce."

No More Developer Expertise Required

4x Faster to Build

With Kognitos, users can quickly and easily teach the Al workflows like they would a new employee. It eliminates the need to account for every possible variation from day one, reducing implementation time by 4X or more.

Edit and Add Steps in English

With Kognitos, you no longer have to worry about missed steps or staying ahead of ever-shifting business requirements. This adaptable platform lets users customize processes in real-time, so they're always up-to-date with the latest changes Plus this user-friendly platform makes inputting logic effortless - just tell it what needs doing, and Kognitos takes care of everything else.

Conversational Exception Handling

Forget the frustration of automation-Kognitos takes exception handling to a new level with its patented "Conversational Exception Handling This innovative solution utilizes advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) that let business users communicate directly in English, no matter their challenge Making exceptions user-friendly is 2X more cost-effective and offers enhanced durability for automated processes.

Auditing and Monitoring Everyone Can Understand

Utilizing Kognitos and other Al can help increase efficiency. but it is essential to understand the processes taking place. Luckily, all processes taken by Kognitos are documented in English for utmost transparency when monitoring or evaluating past routines. This ensures proper governance over automation that takes place.


Just like at a hotel Koncierge helps you identify what you would like to automate and builds a plan to execute that automation. Here Generative Al is used to suggest and build a step-by-step draft of an automation for you based on your wish (expressed in English). You can then tweak this automation to fit your specific needs. Automations now require very little effort to build and are understandable by all.



The test area is where business users can review, modify and change automations as needed. If previous runs of an automation gets stuck, users can handle exceptions, teach new logic or delete past runs. All in English

The Kognitos Brain understands and executes English. It is an interpreter built to understand both logic and nuance and to run processes based on the desires of the business user. The combination of ingenuity and logic makes automation function similarly to how people's brains work. Now automation is approachable, familiar, and understandable by all.



Kognitos automates end-to-end processes via API integrations with other applications. A list of integrations can be found below.

Kognitos is serverless, cloud SaaS. The advantage of this is that customers do not have to worry about "How many bots" to purchase or having enough server space to support their automations.

Kognitos is on demand, and can handle high fluctuations in the volume of process runs with no orchestration or management needed.

API Automation

Kognitos integrates directly with all major ERP, CRM and productivity solutions for stable and durable automation. Don't see your app here? Not to worry, Kognitos is able to build new integrations in a matter of days for flexibility!


Kognitos has enabled our company to streamline repetitive tasks, resulting in significant time savings. Our employees now save 10-15 hours per week, and as we continue to expand our automation projects with Kognitos, we anticipate these savings to significantly increase."

Kognitos has made it so that we can use simple English to process how to manage numerous scenarios, and Kognitos can run that for us. So it cuts out all of the manual billing, indexing, and data extraction and you don't have to be educated and trained in the way that you would have had to be previously.

Chris Richner

Todd Hahn

CIO, Norco Industries

VP, Process and Improvement,

Brown Integrated Logistics

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Kognitos has achieved the SOC 2 Type II certification for our best-in-class security controls and compliance with the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria.
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