Trusted AI™ in Production

Partnering with Kognitos allows you to deploy AI in production winning big for your customers

Why Partner with Kognitos

Kognitos is the pioneer in AI automation and is the most experienced in deploying AI automation within finance, customer service, HR, and legal for enterprises around the world.

Accelerate Deals & Drive ROI

Integrate Kognitos to fast-track deals with large enterprises seeking advanced and trusted AI automation. Our industry-leading platform delivers unmatched efficiency, productivity, and accuracy, ensuring immediate, impactful returns for your clients.

Kognitos Scaling Positive ROI
Kognitos Trusted AI Deploys Generative AI Safely

Trusted AI™ for Secure Operations​​

Kognitos stands out with our Trusted AI™ platform, offering you a secure way to adopt the best AI technology. Designed to minimize risks and enhance business workflows, our platform revolutionizes automation.

What You Gain

Seamless Implementation & Rapid Deployment

Deploy solutions up to 4x faster than legacy RPA systems. through reduced development time and increased flexibility.

Cost Reduction & Efficiency Gains

Reduce manual entry labor costs by up to 90%, and significantly cut down on errors for sustained productivity.

Retain Existing Business & Win New Deals

Grow and retain your book of business through differentiated offerings coupled with proposal support.

Access to AI Experts & Continuous Support

Engage with our seasoned GenAI experts with proven track record across various industries.

What You Bring

We believe that the best partnerships are built on a shared commitment to excellence. That’s why we only partner with firms that obsess about customer satisfaction and live and breathe Net Promoter Score (NPS). If you are dedicated to delivering exceptional value and fostering positive customer relationships, Kognitos is the ideal partner for you.


Partner of the Month

We’re proud to highlight our partner, Wipro (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading technology services and consulting company. Wipro has trained more than a hundred employees to become Kognitos Experts globally, driving large deals to close with effective joint collaboration. Their focus on customer satisfaction is exemplary.

Join the AI Automation Revolution

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For next steps, email partners@kognitos.com and let’s change the world together.