Automate the actions that run your business.
Kognitos. Process automation in plain English.

Upgrade your business to automated.


Automate trying to manually read documents for info.


Automate data massaging, restructuring, or other rule-based monotony.


Automatically pull your data from any system at any interval.


Business visualizations with automated data refresh.


Automate the most inefficient of all manual tasks.


Only get an employee involved when there's a question or an exception.

Our Solution

Action Bar

A natural experience for your employees, partners, and customers to consume and interact with your company's automations.

Action Studio

Build and publish new automations using regular English phrases. 1-click learn new integrations to extend the value of Kognitos to your other systems, such as CRMs, ERPs, document repositories, or existing RPA.

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Kognitos believes in automation for all business users, which is why our business automation solution is the first to understand plain English.

Immediately realize more value from your workforce by automating the manual actions that drive your business.

Built different.

Bot-Less Infrastructure

Human-in-the-loop Exception Handling

Natural Language

Processing (NLP)

Most Advanced Business Language Engine

Hear from our CEO, Binny Gill, how low-code and no-code solutions give way to natural code.

Who is Using Kognitos?

RevOps and SalesOps

Document Processors

Are spreadsheets and manual data collection stealing your time from leading the business forward?

The most advanced intelligent document processing solution is also the easiest to use.

Spreadsheet Users

Logistic Companies

Manually updating the spreadsheets that you rely on to run your business?

Kognitos can automate these tasks in minutes.

Delivery receipts. Image verification. Data export from manifests, bills of lading, and other documents. Kognitos helps streamline logistics.


2 Minute Automations

Document Understanding

An invoice comes in via email. You read it and grab relevant data from it. Then you open Salesforce, create a new claim there and enter the relevant data from the email. And you have to do this many times a day! 

Watch this video to learn how you can automate away that boring work in 2 minutes in natural language.

Exception Handling

You already have an automation that calculates discounts to partners. You just realized that the calculation is wrong! Normally, this becomes an all consuming P0 issue and spoils many-a-weekend for folks in automation.

Watch this video to see how Kognitos makes exception handling something you can do over a cup of coffee.

Humans in the Loop

Every week you run a process that involves asking a manager for the email address of a chosen employee. Then you reach out to that employee and get some data. Reaching out to people to gather data is a very common (boring) task. Wouldn't it be nice if you can tell a system in English what needs to gathered, and it does it for you?

Well, here is an example. The possibilities are endless.

Creating Your First Automation, Finance

In this video a business person in the Finance department creates their first automation, to calculate the interest rate.

Watch this video to see how quickly business users can be enabled to deliver maximum value to the business.


Leadership Team

Deep Thinker

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown brings 10+ years of experience in building scalable, distributed, highly performant cloud services. Previously, he led the engineering team at Nutanix which delivered hyper-converged clustered storage and virtualization systems in the cloud.

Explorer and Teacher

Aditya Sethuraman

Aditya brings a great breadth of experience including Networking, Reverse Engineering, Storage and Distributed Systems. He has led multiple successful teams building scalable and reliable enterprise software. Previously he led the FB Upgrades team at Pure Storage. Outside of work - he is passionate about sports and teaching.


Arbaaz Abdul

Arbaaz brings 8+ years of experience in building performant web apps. Previously, he led the engineering team at, was co-founder & CTO of Proximity works, and founding member of Delta Exchange(Crypto Derivatives). He loves reading and understanding the human psyche.

Top Open-Source Contributor

Faiyaz Shaikh

Faiyaz likes to build digital products. In fact he's been learning to do this since the age of 12. An avid open-sourcer, he started his professional journey at the age of 19. Previously he led the front-end and legacy work at ESPNcricinfo (world's largest cricket platform)and was a founding member at Proximity Works. Outside of work, Faiyaz is interested in literature, history, and philosophy.


Balaji Janakiram

An experienced team and product builder,  Balaji is a cloud and automation guru. Previously, as Chief Architect and Engineering leader,  Balaji successfully built which culminated in a merger with Nutanix. 

Dreamer (CEO)

Binny Gill

An industry veteran with a prolific invention record, Binny has led many products to market. Prior to starting Kognitos, Binny was the CTO at Nutanix where he led the product portfolio starting with a small team of 20 growing to 6000 employees and reaching a market cap of $7B and $1.5B in revenue.

Builder and Coach

Jason Langone

An experienced sales and marketing leader, Jason believes in building a championship culture through effort, execution, and pace. Prior to Kognitos, Jason spent 8 years at Nutanix building elite performing teams across the globe and then joined Aviatrix to start their vertical business. Outside of work, Jason is a passionate AAU girls basketball coach.

Scientist and ML Guru

Sandeep Joshi

Sandeep brings 20+ years experience across Machine Learning, OS internals, Database kernels, Networking and File systems. Previously, Sandeep has led machine learning at Amazon Prime Video. Earlier, he built one of the first iSCSI stacks for IETF interop and created one of the earliest main memory databases at Bell Labs.


Siddharth Agrawal

Siddharth is a top notch engineer with experience in building and managing backend infrastructures. He is also an active volunteer at iSPIRT, where he manages the APIs for the OCEN network.

Adventurer and API Guru

Ziv Kennan

Ziv is a multifaceted engineer. He has built APIs, Security infrastructure, datacenter search, and breathtaking user experiences for close to a decade. When not in front of a computer, he is exploring trails or pavement on a vehicle with anywhere from one to four wheels.


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