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Deploy Trusted AI™ and bring to life streamlined workflows for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and decision making with Kognitos.

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Everyone wants the benefits AI including increased productivity and error reduction, but few have it in production. Overcome data, hallucination, and transparency challenges with Kognitos and unlock AI transformation opportunities like these organizations.

Automate Complex Workflows

Kognitos revolutionizes workflow processes by seamlessly managing complex processes that
traditional automation solutions can’t handle. Achieve efficiency and productivity for any use case you can imagine.

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Human Resources

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Transform How You
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Change how you use and experience working with your business applications.

Kognitos connects with hundreds of enterprise apps, including your preferred LLM.

What Kognitos Customers Are Saying

“One of the best parts about Kognitos is that anyone with mid-level technical abilities can use it. Kognitos has a user-friendly interface, and there’s no coding experience required.”
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Todd Hahn
VP, Process and Improvement Brown Integrated Logistics
“Kognitos has enabled our company to streamline repetitive tasks, resulting in significant time savings. Our employees now save 10-15 hours per week, and as we continue to expand our automation projects with Kognitos, we anticipate these savings to significantly increase.”
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Chris Richner
Chief Information Officer Norco Industries
“With Kognitos, we’re scanning all our Documents and PDFs, and the platform is transforming this into data that we can bring into our system, saving us a lot of manual effort that we had to do in the past.”
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Jim McCullen
Chief Information Officer Century Supply Chain Solutions