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in Natural Language

Intuitively automate processes that contain structured and unstructured data, large transaction volumes, and complicated, exception-heavy workflows that are difficult for traditional automation tools.

  • Automate in a few hours instead of weeks

    by using Generative AI and our Human Language Interpreter

  • No more bots!

    Management and deployment made easy and understandable.

  • Reduce automation costs significantly

    by simplifying Automation Development Lifecycle and Conversational Exception Handling

Complicated exception handling?

Kognitos makes it intuitive and easy

Processes that often encounter exceptions paths, like document heavy processes, have historically been difficult for RPA to build because of all the up-front development work to build in exception handling.

Kognitos takes a fundamentally different approach by allowing your users to teach your automations how to handle the exceptions using natural language.

The Kognitos Approach

  • Your automation encounters an exception

    Instead of stopping the automation and breaking the automation, Kognitos pauses the automation, sends a notification, and then prompts the user for help!

  • You teach the automation how to handle the exception

    Teach the automation a general learning, or apply rules tied to a specific field. Exceptions with Kognitos are handled using natural language, no need to build out every exception path ahead of time!

  • Your Automation learns from you input and can solve future exceptions!

    You no longer have to go through an entire development cycle to update your automation, solve days of development with simple English sentences.

English commands

Business Wins

  • Rapid innovation

Runs english as code
Conversational exception handling

Business systems

IT Wins

  • No bots to manage

One of the best parts about Kognitos is that anyone with mid-level technical abilities can use it. Kognitos has a user-friendly interface, and there’s no coding experience required.”

Todd Hahn - VP, Process and Improvement
Brown Integrated Logistics

“That’s a game changer right there!”

Chris Richner - CIO,
Norco Industries

The Next Frontier For Automation

Kognitos is taking a new approach to automation

We are flipping the script on how automations have been historically handled

Our OS allows humans to speak and understand natural, human language so that automations and exceptions are handled in simple English. We’ve taken a massive step forward from today’s world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Welcome to the Next Evolution of Automation!!

Our automations emulate how a human thinks of a process rather than navigating computer screens

Kognitos emulates the way we would teach one another how to resolve errors and edge cases by intuitive prompting that puts the humans in control. Automations can now be trained to work just how you would train another human through experience and examples.

We have transformed the need for translating from “business speak” to “machine speak”

Kognitos generates software on-the-fly by learning from human feedback during the exception process. Combined with Koncierge, you only need to provide the steps you want to automate in natural, conversational English, and it will enhance the automation for you!

App Integrations

Kognitos integrates directly with all major ERP, CRM and productivity solutions for stable and durable automation. Don’t see your app here? Not to worry, Kognitos is able to build new integrations in a matter of days for flexibility!

Want to build your own automation?

Your Personal Koncierge to Build Automations

  • Building automations just got easier

    Koncierge can generate complete automations for you to fill in, and even assist you in troubleshooting how to write the next step of your automation.
    Easily bring Koncierge’s suggestions into your automation to make building quicker than ever.

  • Troubleshoot intelligently

    Stuck on how to write the next step of your automation? Not sure what is possible? Ask in plain English like you would ask Chat GPT and Koncierge will produce multiple suggestions of what to write!

  • Building automations just got more accessible

    Stuck on how to write the next step of your automation? Not sure what is possible? Ask in plain English like you would ask Chat GPT and Koncierge will produce multiple suggestions of what to write!

  • Easily Modify Automations

    While Koncierge produces ready-to-run automations for you, it’s extremely easy to customize the output to fit your needs in the automation. Koncierge intuitively expedites your building process!

Case Studies

“Kognitos has enabled our company to streamline repetitive tasks, resulting in significant time savings. Our employees now save 10-15 hours per week, and as we continue to expand our automation projects with Kognitos, we anticipate these savings to significantly increase.”

Chris Richner


Kognitos has made it so that we can use simple English to process how to manage numerous scenarios, and they can run it for us. So it cuts out all the manual billing, indexing, and data extraction and you don’t have to be educated and trained in the way that you would have had to be previously.

Todd Hahn

VP, Process and Improvement

Kognitos has achieved the SOC 2 Type II certification for our best-in-class security controls and compliance with the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria.

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