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About Kognitos

We are building a one of a kind OS for cognition: The world's first combination of Generative Al and Logical execution built to bring the power of Al to all enterprises.

The AI Koncierge

As we enter the era of superhuman AI, it is imperative to consider how we leverage AI in a manner that is fruitful and safe for humanity.

Kognitos Generative AI for Automation

During the industrial revolution, we built machines more powerful than humans to enhance efficiency. We learned to leverage these machines safely to make our lives easier. Today the question is: how do we harness the power of AI to get things done?

The power of AI is now so advanced that we can build systems that understand, learn and adapt to users. This is what Kognitos does.

Empowered by Generative Al, Kognitos understands what people say and works together as another human would. With an interactive interface to explore the possibilities of their own minds, users can do more things faster than ever before.

Our Purpose

Unlock the Power of AI for Humanity

We believe in creating safe Al for humanity enabling businesses to automate faster through Generative Al and business logic in natural language.

We envision a future of abundance and safe harmony between humans and machines with people comfortably in the driver's seat.


HIPPA and SOCII Compliant

From product launch onward, Kognitos has placed a high emphasis on building our product with security and customer priority as a top priority.

As a part of our efforts. Kognitos has put in place all policies required by HIPPA and SOCII and uses DRATA to continuously monitor for these controls. Kognitos annually employs a third party CPA firm to audit and certify our controls.

Kognitos Generative AI for Automation

Careers of the Future

Meet Kognitos

At Kognitos, we believe in creating AI solutions for humans. By helping businesses automate faster through Generative AI and business logic in natural language, we’re revolutionizing the way work is done.

Kognitos is taking automation technology and making it better, more accessible, and scalable for businesses of all sizes. Are you ready to join the future of work?

Kognitos Global Privacy

Committed to protecting the privacy of our customers data

We are committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who interact with us, such as our website visitors, customers, business partners, leads and prospects, recipients of marketing communications, end users and event attendees.

Meet the Leadership Team

Perennial Builders with the Experience Building from Early Stage to IPO

Binny Gill

Jason Langone

Drayton Wade

Chief Executive Officer

Chief of Growth

Head of Product Strategy & Business Ops

An industry veteran with a prolific invention record, Binny has led many products to market. Before starting Kognitos, Binny was the CTO at Nutanix, where he led the product portfolio, starting with a small team of 20 growing to 6000 employees, and reaching a market cap of $7B and $1.5B in revenue.

An experienced sales and marketing leader, Jason believes in building a championship culture through effort, execution, and pace. Prior to Kognitos, Jason spent 8 years at Nutanix building elite performing teams across the globe and then joined Aviatrix to start their vertical business. Outside of work, Jason is a passionate AAU girls’ basketball coach.

Drayton is an automation and startup veteran who runs Kognitos’s business operations and product strategy. Drayton previously served in various startup go-to-market leadership roles, including serving at UiPath from early stage to IPO as Senior Director of Partnerships. Outside of Kognitos, Drayton serves as President of the Clemson University Balkans Foundation.

Additional Resources

Kognitos has achieved the SOC 2 Type II certification for our best-in-class security controls and compliance with the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria.
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