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About Us

We are building a one of a kind OS for cognition: The world's first combination of Generative Al and Logical execution.

Our Vision

Enable humanity to come out of the dark ages of computer language literacy.

Before it was an incorporated corporation, Kognitos was a thought- an idea- what if machines natively communicated in the language of humans, and not the other way round? What if we as a civilization came out of the dark ages, where only a small percentage was computer language literate, and ushered into an era where everyone could talk to machines in english? What if instead of forcing humans to learn the language of the machines, machines learn and understand the language of humans? That’s the future we’re bringing to you.

We envision a future where all business applications will be written in English; where machines understand human language natively; where interacting with a computer is as easy as communicating with a human. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to automate business processes and reduce manual work done by humans using a next generation AI-native automation platform built ground up to translate English to meaningful automations by engaging business SME in a dialog when needed.


Using generative AI and an industry-first human language interpreter that empowers the business users to accelerate innovation without increasing the burden on IT.


bridge the gap between Computer and Human Languages; to make communication between Machines and Human Beings seamless. For this, Kognitos will serve as that interpreter- the bridge between the two, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence.


An interpreter for human language built ground up to have a dialog with the business user when a traditional interpreter would have crashed, will unlock the power of innovation to a billion people in the world. Everyone who can teach another human will now wield the power of a developer.

Automate business processes. Humans don’t have to do manual repetitive work. No Bots, No RPA, Generative AI

“We have built the industry’s first human language interpreter that allows business users to automate and manage exceptions – in plain English – without increasing the burden on IT. What RPA could not solve, Kognitos is solving and is seeing success in some of the largest customers of UIPath and AA.”

Binny Gill,

Founder and CEO, Kognitos, Inc.

Origin Story

During the pandemic, my son decided to make the game of tic-tac-toe in Python. He built it in a couple of days, and I was a proud dad. However, I woke up the next day realizing that I had made the same game in about the same amount of time 30 years ago. I was the same age then! It dawned on me that programming has not become any easier over the decades . All that we have done is made more humans understand programming.


I went back to challenge my son to write another program. This time to find out if a number is prime or not. I found myself trying to teach programming by saying that he needed to “think like a machine”. That didn’t go anywhere. Then I realized what I was missing. I taught him to first write “the pseudo code” – an explanation of what the program will do but in his own words. That was easy, it took 5 minutes. We started converting that into working code. It was hard for a first time programmer and after a few hours my son said he didn’t want to code any more.


I was taken aback. Why was programming so hard even after 7 decades of innovation and thousands of programming languages being invented? I offered my son that I will find a language that works for him. He immediately said “why can’t this work?” — he was pointing to the pseudo code he had written in 5 minutes for the prime number problem. I laughed and said, “No, those are just your notes. The machine can’t understand that”. “Why can’t it be like Alexa?“, he said incredulously. And that was a light bulb moment. After a long silence I told my son to not learn Python. And thus, Kognitos was born.

Binny Gill

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