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Bring on the variable, complex processes. With Kognitos, No Sweat.

An AI-powered Automation Solution that Ensures No Worflow Gets Left Behind

Through sophisticated exception handling. Kognitos guides business users to a resolution when the unexpected happens - such as an unusual file format or value being encountered. And each experience strengthens its intelligence so future hurdles become easier and faster to navigate!

Challenges Industry Face in Deploying Traditional Automation

Automation isn't always a smooth process - unexpected files, emails and values can cause traditional RPA to fail. Kognitos takes an innovative approach by going back to business users with intuitive English prompts to help manage exceptions and learn from these experiences over time.

Implementing a vast array of services and consultants, as well as an array of documentation from numerous vendors, partners, and customers is no small feat.

Training employees to become automation experts is essential for any modern business.

Before they can reach that level of proficiency, though workers must first learn how to properly utilize the right tools With their newfound knowledge and skill set in hand businesses will be able to unleash maximum potential with building automations.

Traditional RPA presents a challenge for organizations looking to streamline processes, as built-in exception handling and tracking features are often difficult to implement. To truly take advantage of robotic process automation capabilities. developers must rely on external tools such as apps that extend the scalability potential across any enterprise.

Often times the cost to implement these updates can double that of their software counterpart alone - making for an expensive endeavor overall. To reduce costs associated with automation initiatives it is wise to instate a centralized Center Of Excellence (COE).

With ever-shifting demands, promotions and seasonal variations often cause chaos in orders and returns-a challenge retailers face daily.

How Generative AI for Automation Can Help Your Business

RevOps and SalesOps

No more headaches from tedious end-of-quarter tasks or worrying about CRM hygeine - Kognitos has got you covered!

This ingenious system can effortlessly adapt to rapidly changing processes and automate order closing. PO matching, pipeline reporting anything your heart desires So go ahead and take a break - because with Kognitos on the job there will be far fewer fires so you have plenty of time for lunch!

Finance and Accounting

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming paperwork - Kognitos is here to make document heavy processes a breeze!

From orders, billing claims, and more let us take the headache out of complex automation.

Centers of Excellence

Kognitos is revolutionizing the way automation COES and continuous improvement teams work.

By eliminating maintenance services, drastically reducing build time and giving control of exception handling to business users, Kognitos automations are not only more cost-effective on average but also far more reliable than traditional approaches. Thanks to this powerful toolset driving transformation at scale has never been easier!

What is Conversational Exception Handling?

Automations for Business Users

An Exception Has Occurred!

Exceptional Exception Handling

With this automation, sales reps can make their processes smooth and efficient! When they send an email including the purchase order to initiate approval, it automatically closes up shop in Salesforce. No more manual steps necessary - just a few clicks away from success!   

Kognitos presents an innovative approach to Salesforce automation; when faced with the challenge of multiple Genepoint opportunities, instead of crashing as a traditional product would do, it takes time to understand and accurately select one option.

With Kognitos, you can now revolutionize your process automation for business users! Our patented conversational exception handling and large language models enable anyone to make sense of errors with ease. Moreover, our cutting-edge NLPA will help guide the user in picking a successful path to resolution. Experience this breakthrough technology today – start simplifying your workflow experience like never before!

How Kognitos Can Help



Automated retail solutions can help businesses succeed in today's economy.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands can use automation in many different ways— from automating logistics processes to managing product inventory.

A well-designed automation solution can help retailers manage their inventory, improve customer service and boost sales.

Automation can save CPG brands time and money, as well as increase productivity and efficiency company-wide.



Kognitos allows logistics companies to automate tedious tasks —giving employees more time for critical work.

While many insurance companies are slow to adopt new technologies, the power of AI is impossible to ignore.

Kognitos allows logistics companies to automate tedious tasks —giving employees more time for critical work.

Automation can improve customer experience, streamline the claims process, and reduce back office overhead.


Kognitos has enabled our company to streamline repetitive tasks, resulting in significant time savings. Our employees now save 10-15 hours per week, and as we continue to expand our automation projects with Kognitos, we anticipate these savings to significantly increase."

Kognitos has made it so that we can use simple English to process how to manage numerous scenarios, and Kognitos can run that for us. So it cuts out all of the manual billing, indexing, and data extraction and you don't have to be educated and trained in the way that you would have had to be previously.

Chris Richner

Todd Hahn

CIO, Norco Industries

VP, Process and Improvement,

Brown Integrated Logistics

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Kognitos has achieved the SOC 2 Type II certification for our best-in-class security controls and compliance with the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria.
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