Kognitos in companies to watch out for in Sequoia’s Article Generative AI Act Two LP

In the world of AI the pace never slows. In fact, 2023 shows that the impact of Generative AI is accelerating month over month. The biggest question we keep hearing from customers regarding this space is “What is real and what is hype?”

Kognitos in companies to watch out for in Sequoia’s Article Generative AI Act Two LP

By using Kognitos, our customers are answering this question for themselves with use cases in Logistics, Manufacturing, Telecom and CPG, among others. Customers with sophisticated automation COEs, including PepsiCo and Wipro, are seeing the value of Kognitos in automating use cases that can’t be handled with RPA. And with Conversational Exception Handling , the truly non-technical business SMEs are handling exceptions and teaching Kognitos how to handle them in the future. This frees up IT and COE resources to build new processes.

Not only are customers recognizing how Kognitos is changing automation, but investors and thought leaders too. The greatest evidence of this is that Kognitos is now listed alongside the legacy, twenty-year-old players in automation like UiPath and Automation Anywhere in the Sequoia Capital: Generative AI Act 2 map.

Calling it “our generation’s space race,” the article discusses the current state of technology in the AI space and the challenges it faces. how Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize a number of industries, attributing it to customer demand and a huge number of use cases across industries.

The author opens by discussing the history of Generative AI, from its early roots in machine learning, to its advances in deep learning today, before moving on to the challenges it faces: from the difficulty in training these AI models to the potential threat of the entry of bias in their output. Despite these challenges, the article suggests that Generative AI would play a crucial role in our future.

The author further elaborates on how the market is moving towards “Act Two” where he says, “We now believe the market is entering “Act 2”—which will be from the customer-back. Act 2 will solve human problems end-to-end. These applications are different in nature than the first apps out of the gate. They tend to use foundation models as a piece of a more comprehensive solution rather than the entire solution”.

The article introduces Sequoia’s updated Generative AI Market Map for 2023. The map is organized by use cases instead of model modality, reflecting Generative AI’s evolution, as well as the multi-modal nature of its applications.

The Market Map features Kognitos in the Enterprise: Horizontal segment under RPA/Automation, and we are proud to be included only after two years in this list with the major players in automation.

Our goal to make automation simple and accessible for business users is what guided us in Sequoia’s Market Map for Generative AI. With Kognitos, humanity is coming out of the dark ages of computer language literacy. We envision a future where all business apps will be written in English. As we approach the last quarter of this year, we stand by our mission to enable machines to understand human language natively, and we’re working harder to solve for this fundamental problem.

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