Neeraj Mathur discusses the safety, ethics, risk and benefits of AI in the business landscape.

Episode Description

Host Ajay Manglani and Neeraj Mather discuss the fun and delight of experimenting with this new technology, Generative AI, the tools and technology needed to drive an intelligent automation transformation and enjoying AI while safeguarding the enterprise’s privacy.

The players who will lead the next generation of generative AI disruption will come, not just from the Big Tech Companies (like Microsoft, Google, and the like), but also from startups and individual creators who develop novel and valuable applications of this technology.

  • Experimenting with Generative AI
  • The present speed of innovation.
  • Enterprise-wide adoption
  • Machine learning

Generative AI: Embracing Intelligent Automation is a Kognitos production. Kognitos enables businesses to build and manage automation in real-time using human language. For a demo visit

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