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Episode Description

How will the workplace of the future integrate AI? Technology is remarkable, but people should be the priority in organizations, not just technology. In this episode, Host Ajay Manglani has an illuminating conversation with Dan Turchin, CEO of PeopleReign, about the empowering potential of AI integrations that liberate employees from the mundane aspects of work. Picture smart workplaces where AI serves as a wise friend, seamlessly supporting employees across multiple touchpoints. Together, we’ll delve into why it’s time to move beyond LLM chatbots and explore dynamic AI implementations that build AI into smart workplaces. This episode is about:

  • Reclaiming personal time with AI integrations at work
  • Smart workplaces that include AI integrations
  • Autonomous AI agents who serve as wise friends

Generative AI: Embracing Intelligent Automation is a Kognitos production. Kognitos enables businesses to build and manage automation in real-time using human language. For a demo visit Kognitos.com

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