Kognitos AP Invoice Processing Streamlines JBI’s Time-Consuming, Manual Work

  • Mar 21, 2024

Kognitos AP Invoice Processing Streamlines JBI’s Time-Consuming, Manual Work
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JBI Interiors, a longstanding leader in manufacturing decor for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), embarked on a transformative journey by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations. Boasting over 50 years of history and maintaining significant relationships with giants like McDonald’s and Starbucks, JBI sought to leverage AI to sustain its competitive edge. This case study explores JBI’s venture with Kognitos, focusing on the challenges, strategies, and outcomes of embedding AI in their conventional operations, enriched by insights from David Calvert, CFO of JBI Interiors.

Kognitos AP Invoice Processing Streamlines JBI’s Time-Consuming, Manual Work


JBI Interiors, a longstanding leader in the interior decor and architectural millwork industry, was launched over 50 years ago through a strategic partnership with McDonald’s, serving as the exclusive provider of their restaurant interiors. This enduring relationship continues to this day, with JBI remaining the largest supplier of construction materials to McDonald’s. Over the years, JBI has expanded its reach to other quick-service restaurants and, more recently, established a significant partnership with Starbucks, achieving over 20% annual growth since 2018. With a legacy of completing over 35,000 projects and expanding its team organically and through acquisitions, JBI has become a prominent player in the industry.


David Calvert, the CFO of JBI, brings a wealth of experience from the advertising and manufacturing sectors, including managing 15 plants across mainland China. With a strong background in both COO and CFO roles, David joined JBI to help steer the company through its next phase of growth.




Recognizing the potential of AI to drive competitive advantage, JBI’s leadership, inspired by interactions with venture capitalists, initiated a strategic move towards AI utilization. Despite initial concerns about readiness and security, the leadership team saw AI as a crucial tool for future success. “Our leadership urged us to be pioneers in this space… to drive competitive advantage,” David Calvert shared, emphasizing the tech-forward approach that propelled JBI towards AI.


The integration of AI, particularly through Kognitos, was met with a mixed but generally positive response within JBI. Younger employees were particularly enthusiastic, which indicated a generational divide in the acceptance of AI. Over time, as employees across the organization grew comfortable with the technology, the cultural integration of AI proved successful.


“Kognitos answered each of our questions, making us comfortable very quickly, helping us leap after we asked all the questions we needed.”

David Calvert, Chief Financial Officer, JBI


To address initial hesitations about security and technological adaptation, Kognitos provided tailored assurances and a supportive approach. David Calvert noted, “Kognitos answered each of our questions, making us comfortable very quickly, helping us leap after we asked all the questions we needed.” This partnership laid the foundation for a smooth AI integration.


JBI chose to start their AI implementation with AP invoice processing, a decision that highlighted the immediate and practical benefits of AI. Calvert humorously referred to this initial implementation as picking “fruit on the ground,” underscoring the ease and quick value derived from automating previously manual processes.



Business Impact

The partnership between JBI and Kognitos has been marked by collaboration and mutual growth. The implementation of Kognitos’s AI solutions significantly improved JBI’s workflow efficiency. By automating AP invoice processing, JBI was able to streamline a time-consuming, manual process, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic tasks.


David Calvert praised Kognitos for their responsiveness and effective follow-up, which built confidence in JBI to scale their AI initiatives further. “The team has been very good at responding… and with proper follow up gave us confidence to ramp things up further,” he said. Encouraged by the initial success, JBI now plans to expand their use of Kognitos to automate processes in sales order entry and quote building.


This AI-driven transformation not only enhanced operational efficiency but also positioned JBI as a forward-thinking leader in their industry. The successful integration of AI has empowered employees and laid the groundwork for capturing new business opportunities. JBI is now set to extend its historic legacy beyond the quick-service restaurant market, exploring new initiatives in areas such as millwork for hotels, museums, and full-service restaurants.


JBI Interiors’ journey with AI and Kognitos, under the leadership of CFO David Calvert, exemplifies a strategic and innovative approach to digital transformation in a traditional industry. The case study highlights the importance of leadership, partnership, and a clear vision in successfully navigating the adoption of new technologies. With AI-empowered employees and streamlined processes, JBI is well-positioned to continue its growth and capture new business opportunities, reinforcing its status as a leader in interior decor and architectural millwork.


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