Kognitos at Ai4 2023: Self-Service & Responsible AI

Released February 20, 2024

Hyatt Regency, Miami, Florida

In a week dedicated to innovation, Kognitos took center stage last week at Ai4 2023, the premier conference for the AI industry. As a premium sponsor of the event, we not only showcased our commitment to shaping the future of AI but also had the honor of speaking on the important subject of building AI responsibly within the enterprise. All the while, Kognitos unveiled its groundbreaking product, Kognitos Self Service, marking a significant step forward in process automation utilizing natural language and generative AI.

Our presence at Ai4 was not merely about displaying revolutionary technology but also about advocating for the ethical implementation of AI into enterprise operations. A key aspect of the event was our session on responsible AI. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Ajay Manglani, led hundreds of attendees in the discussion and delved into questions surrounding responsible AI, including:

  • What is responsible AI? What does it mean to build AI responsibly? Responsible to whom?
  • How do you engineer responsibility into AI?
  • How do you account for competing interests in AI platforms, from privacy to security, product liability to fiduciary responsibility – and how do you highlight them to customers?
  • At what level does responsibility need to be engineered: the use case, the model, the data or in the legal/policy intersect? Do you have one or two key examples to demonstrate why?

The theme of the conference connected well with the launch of Kognitos’ largest product release yet – Kognitos Self-Service. We met with many innovative enterprises which are looking to leverage generative AI for automating business processes using natural language to increase the productivity of their business users. Enterprises like Wells Fargo Bank, Discover, BNP Paribas, Phillips, Fidelity Investments, WestJet, Disney, Comcast, Northwestern Mutual, Expedia Group, TD Bank, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Rolex, SelectQuote, Allstate, Merck, Roku, Nvidia, and Apple Inc. These industry leaders engaged in immersive product demonstrations, expressing their enthusiasm for the transformative potential of our generative AI automation technology.

Thrilled and energized by the positive interactions at Ai4 2023, Kognitos is now embarking on an exciting journey ahead. Our mission remains the same – to empower a billion business users through intelligent automation. As we continue to expand what generative AI can accomplish, we are staying true to our commitment to advancing responsible AI. We are proud to be at the forefront of pioneering responsible AI integration for enterprises and business users everywhere. Ai4 2023 was a conference as well as a platform for conversation around generative AI for automation and the responsible AI and a stage for introducing groundbreaking innovations, and we were truly honored to be a part of it all!