EOS Group: Enhancing Debt Collection with Ableneo & Kognitos

  • Mar 22, 2024

EOS Group: Enhancing Debt Collection with Ableneo & Kognitos
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EOS Group, a leader in the field of receivables management, utilizes its deep-rooted expertise spanning over five decades to offer top-tier services on a global scale. Employing over 6,000 professionals across more than 20 countries, the group has solidified its status as a technology-driven entity.

EOS Group: Enhancing Debt Collection with Ableneo & Kognitos


EOS Group, a leader in receivables management, leverages over five decades of expertise to provide top-tier services globally. With a workforce of over 6,000 professionals across more than 20 countries, EOS serves pivotal sectors such as banking, real estate, telecommunications, energy, and e-commerce. Despite its robust infrastructure, EOS faced significant challenges in processing a substantial volume of structured and unstructured data from court orders. The company aimed to enhance its debt collection capabilities but needed a solution that could efficiently manage and extract data with high accuracy, thereby improving its receivables management process.



To address this challenge, EOS Group collaborated with ableneo, Slovakia’s pioneering IT consulting firm specializing in generative AI solutions, and Kognitos, a leading generative AI automation platform. The partnership aimed to automate the extraction of information from court orders and match it with corresponding payment data. This initiative was crucial for EOS to achieve a return on investment by surpassing a 60% accuracy threshold without human intervention.


The solution developed by Kognitos, integrated by ableneo, significantly exceeded expectations with a 92% success rate in handling unstructured document processing. This high level of accuracy was instrumental in streamlining EOS’s operations. Martin Borský, CFO of EOS KSI Slovensko, acknowledged the impressive performance of the partnership, highlighting the efficiency and reliability of the implemented solution.


“AbleNeo and Kognitos were able to address our unstructured document processing challenges with an impressive success rate of 92%.”

Martin Borský, CFO of EOS KSI Slovensko


Business Impact

The integration of Kognitos’s generative AI platform had a transformative impact on EOS Group’s workflow. By automating the extraction and matching of data from court orders, the company significantly reduced the manual effort required in the debt collection process. This automation allowed collection agents to focus on handling exceptions and mismatches, enhancing their productivity and operational efficiency.


The strategic adoption of Kognitos enabled EOS to generate payment orders within the system seamlessly, further optimizing the collection process. This not only streamlined EOS’s receivables management but also underscored the substantial benefits of combining advanced automated solutions with skilled human oversight. The collaboration set a new benchmark for innovation and operational excellence in the financial services sector.


EOS Group’s successful implementation of Kognitos serves as a prime example of how technology can revolutionize receivables management. It showcases the effectiveness of generative AI in tackling complex data processing challenges and reinforces EOS’s position as a frontrunner in the industry.


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