Staying Ahead with Automation: Overcoming Exceptions and Increasing Efficiency

Staying Ahead with Automation: Overcoming Exceptions and Increasing Efficiency

In this day and age, process automation is a must-have for any business looking to stay ahead of the curve. By leveraging technology, organizations can quickly reduce errors, save money and time on mundane tasks – freeing up their valuable human resources in the meantime. Moreover, advancements in tech have made it far more accessible so that even smaller companies not only have access but also get to benefit from automated processes ranging from basic data entry all the way to complex multi-system workflows! With automated processes, organizations can build an edge on the competition by staying ahead in rapidly changing markets and delivering impeccable customer service.

What are Exceptions?

Businesses are increasingly relying on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to take care of routine, everyday tasks – allowing human employees to focus their efforts elsewhere. While RPA is largely productive in these endeavors, it may sometimes stumble upon anomalies that fall outside its programming parameters; a “human intervention” scenario known as an exception. When this happens, the whole operation can be put at risk: delays mount up and efficiency decreases while costs skyrocket. 

Types of Exceptions

There are two major types of exceptions in process automation.

  1. Business Exceptions

  2. Application Exceptions

Business Exceptions happen when a bot is unable to process further due to programmed instructions. For example, a bot could only be programmed to process expense invoices upto $1000. In such a case any expense above $1000 would cause the bot to throw a “business exception alert” to a supervising human.

Application Exceptions happen when a bot encounters a technical issue like a server crash, network malfunction or a good old software bug. In such cases the usual strategy adopted by RPA bots is to just retry the process.

Exception Handling is Expensive!!

To minimize the impact of exceptions, organizations need to have robust exception handling strategies in place. This may involve training RPA bots to handle common exceptions using artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning algorithms, or incorporating human oversight into the process to ensure exceptions are resolved quickly and efficiently. Additionally, organizations should continuously monitor and fine-tune their RPA bots to ensure they are functioning optimally and handling exceptions effectively.

But implementing robust exception handling strategies is very expensive and time consuming. Handling business exceptions not only requires business users to plan as many exceptional scenarios as possible, but it also involves them explaining such situations to bot developers who have limited business domain knowledge. Application exceptions might not always be resolved by retries, and such a scenario involves intervention of the IT team to analyze and fix the issues, which can be very time consuming. Such time overheads can add up over time, leading to significant losses in productivity and profitability.

How does Kognitos solve this problem?

Kognitos offers a unique and innovative solution for process automation – a botless system that uses an LLM-based interpreter to understand and execute processes written in plain English. This system acts as an IT layer for businesses, allowing them to simply explain their processes in English, eliminating the need for complex IT configurations and freeing up valuable resources. For example, in the case of invoice processing, Kognitos would communicate any exceptions directly to the business user in plain English and allow for resolution with a simple prompt. This drastically reduces the time and cost associated with planning and handling exceptions with traditional RPA solutions, as well as making it possible to handle exceptions that may have been impossible to plan for. The result is a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective process automation solution for businesses of all sizes.

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