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Safe Generative AI for Humanity

As we enter the era of superhuman AI, it is imperative to consider how we leverage AI in a manner that is fruitful and safe for humanity.

During the industrial revolution, we built machines orders of magnitude more powerful than humans in terms of physical strength. We learned that we can safely leverage that immense capability by being in control. We’ve been in control of the steering wheel of a tractor, the control panel of a factory, or the cockpit of a stealth bomber.

Safe Generative AI for Humanity

Now, we are in the initial phases of the AI revolution. Machines are becoming more powerful intellectually than humans. And just like one horsepower became a hundred, and a hundred became a million in the industrial revolution, the AI revolution is poised to follow the same path, albeit this time with explosive speed. How do we envision leveraging machines that can think faster and better than us? The main question is: Who will be at the steering wheel?

I have an optimistic view of the future. While there is no dearth of doomsday scenarios or dystopian predictions of what AI will bring unto humanity, I believe humans will always remain in control of the world around us. The control will stem from our fundamental distrust of machines that are intelligent – like self driving cars. 

But how about the explosive popularity of generative AI? ChatGPT, DallE.2, Stable Diffusion and MidJourney are creating art with superhuman speed and creativity. How did we solve for trust? These platforms provide examples and let the human review, choose and tweak what they want. No matter how powerful the machine is, as long as we get to review and decide what to use, we are in control. That review step is the new steering wheel of the AI revolution.

Today we are merely scratching the surface of the power of generative AI. So far it is writing words and drawing pictures. Some have started making music and videos. These are the creative arts which are imminently reviewable by any human because the result of the generative AI is meant for human consumption. Now, what about everything we built in the industrial revolution? All the diligent machines that drive our GDP? Can generative AI drive those machines and automate the world around us? The answer is yes, BUT. Who is at the steering wheel?

There is a saying: Actions speak louder than words.

As the level of intelligence of a system increases, the gap between what is said and what is done increases as well. Hence with other humans, we’ve known to Trust but verify. We don’t take the same stance with a tractor or a mule, but we might for a chimpanzee or another human and definitely for AI systems going forward.

Our world runs on machines which are today controlled by humans. These machines are a lot more powerful than humans, but they are not intelligent and thus we trust them. Now, how do we leverage Generative AI for automation in a trusted way but use them to drive these industrial machines?

Here is an analogy: I go to my doctor who is at least a 100 times smarter than I am when it comes to medicine. She takes a brief look at me, performs a few tests and generates a diagnosis. Next, she presents me with a plan of action (in conversational English) in a way that I (with no medical training) can easily understand and trust. Note, she doesn’t jab me with an injection or cut me open to fix me. I get to verify the plan and determine if it is acceptable based on my own priorities, values and beliefs. I then take the plan to the pharmacist, nurse or specialist. They are there to execute the plan. Yes, there might be some tweaks to the plan, but overall, the plan is what I agreed to. In the whole process, I feel I am in control. That review of the plan is the intellectual steering wheel. 

Generative AI is crossing over into controlling machines. These industrial machines only understand APIs and computer languages which 99.5% of humanity cannot review. We need to place all humans in the reviewers seat. We need a platform that can take a prescription from Generative AI, have the human review it in a language natural to us, and then execute the agreed upon plan with the diligence of my trusted pharmacist.

Kognitos built that platform that brings the power of Generative AI to all businesses allowing the business user to be at the steering wheel. Unlike traditional automation where any review or management of exceptions to the process requires knowledge of APIs, coding tools and IT jargon, Kognitos navigates the entire automation lifecycle in English, empowering and building trust with the business user. With this a billion business users are empowered to automate business logic intuitively using conversations. 

Today businesses need to rapidly innovate while following complex business rules and processes. Kognitos provides a first of a kind platform where both the rigor and precision of business logic and creativity of generative AI can be harnessed in a trusted and scalable manner. While Kognitos Koncierge brings the innovative power of public data sources and large language models to a business, Kognitos Brain discovers and learns a business’s private apis, data and processes. This allows businesses to leverage Generative AI, in English, to accelerate innovation with unprecedented explainability, auditability, scalability and speed.

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