Having Worked in RPA, Why Kognitos Has Me So Excited: Kishore Pardasani

The Challenge with Traditional Automation

I consider myself lucky to live in this age of booming technology. Everywhere I turn, I discover remarkable technological feats that were literally impossible just days earlier. I’ve watched computers flourish from their humble beginnings as sophisticated word processors and data entry tools into pocket-sized powerhouses that can serve as your personal DJ, connect you with friends and family miles away, and control your home with a touch. I am fascinated by modern technology and how it can make people’s lives easier.

Having Worked in RPA, Why Kognitos Has Me So Excited: Kishore Pardasani
When I was at UiPath, I worked very closely with robotic process automation (RPA) customers, and I witnessed the boundless possibilities of automation on a daily basis. However, I also saw the challenges users faced operationally. While RPA has certainly become more accessible over the years, there are still opportunities for improvement on the customer side when implementing these processes. Just like human employees, robots need to be onboarded. Someone needs to show them what to do and how to do it before they can be productive. Unfortunately, humans are much better at communicating with other humans, but not so great at communicating with machines. In essence, the RPA tools aimed at business users fell into one of two categories: pre-built applications that were easy to customize but lacked functionality, or complex programs that required at least some coding knowledge.
The Next Step in Automation:
That’s why I was so excited when I heard about Kognitos and its mission to make automation accessible to any user simply by using conversational English. Kognitos founder and CEO Binny Gill had solved one of the biggest challenges to implementing automation by bridging the gap between machines and non-coding humans. This revolutionary leap forward allows any business user to truly realize automations without the need for developers or any kind of programming background.

Barrier-busting innovators like Binny and the entire Kognitos team, and Natural Language Process Automation make me eager to see how more and more people can start automating their tasks and get back to work that actually matters. It’s radical decisions like these that will make the daily grind easier for countless business users and ignite people’s passion for technology, helping to pave a bright road to the future.

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